Who Am I?

Hello. My name is Tabitha Low and I am a writer. I am a lot more than “only” a writer. I am married, with children, and dogs, way too many cats, and some fish too.

I have homeschooled for about twenty years. I have one who graduated and one still working his way through things.

I have been a mentor, counselor, and coach for, yeah, longer than I have been homeschooling. I am also involved in Yoga and Meditation, with more decades in both than I care to admit publicly or privately.

I enjoy knitting hats and sweaters. I crochet blankets. I am a planner in training. Even though I have been planning for a long time, I still have so much to learn. And I like that. I am currently working with a hybrid Bullet Journal.

I also draw and paint. I keep an art journal. I make my own art journals. I make all sorts of journals, from nice little pretty hand-made books to thick and overflowing junk journals. I love it all.

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I write with much ado about nothing and everything. When you come to visit me here at my Substack home, you may find essays about the writing life, creativity, art journaling, or planning. I am not a one-dimensional character here. I write about anything and everything in my life that catches my fancy.

I may put forth an entire newsletter of prompts for any given month, or perhaps even just for the week. I may introduce knitting patterns or crochet patterns, or articles about fiber in any manifestation. I may add coaching essays. I may talk about planners, planning and goal setting.

I will definitely write about Yoga, Meditation, self-care, and personal healing.

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This is me with my best boy as I …work…..

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